Hatton Garden raid mastermind 'may only have months to live' after suffering stroke


Hatton Garden mastermind Brian Reader

Hatton Garden develop Brian Reader “may only have months to live”

Brian ‘the guv’nor’ Know was due to attend Woolwich Crown Court, along with six other men, to be sentenced for his impersonation in the biggest burglary in English history.

But his barrister, James Scobie QC, conjectured the pensioner was too ill to even appear via video link from the high-security lock-up where he is being held.

He said: “He had what turned out to be a next fall in Belmarsh prison, which resulted in him being left for two dates without proper care and then ultimately ending up in a critical feel interest unit at Woolwich hospital, having had a stroke.”

We theorize the prognosis for him, long term, is poor

James Scobie QC

The court condoned that 77-year-old Reader also has a history of prostate cancer, was look after for septicaemia, and has a potentially cancerous mass on his face.

Asking for his sentence to be adjourned, Mr Scobie verbalized: “We suspect the prognosis for him, long term, is poor.

“And by that I hint at it may well be that some of the concerns that we have been outlined about by making inquiries, are such that it may well be that he does not possess many more months to live, then the court should be garnered aware of that.”

Mr Scobie also said that Reader’s rise had not been aided by the nine armed officers who guarded him in hospital.

The court understood that Reader is also hard of hearing and has reduced vision in his profitably eye.

Mr Scobie raised concerns that Belmarsh was not equipped to look after his tient’s medical needs.

He said: “I need to know the Prison Servicing is ca ble of giving him the care he needs.

“He is a double Category A prisoner, which we approach with nothing other than scorn given his age and other constituents.”

Forensics officer at Hatton Garden vault

The gang stole loot worth £14m, including gold, diamonds and sapphires

73 boxes were ransacked after the gang used a drill to bore a hole into the vaultGETTY

73 chests were ransacked after the gang used a drill to bore a burrow into the vault

The barrister added: “The court needs to be acquainted with whether or not his current medical conditions can be adequately looked after, tended for, in the type of care unit that he has been.”

He also said a information from a doctor indicated that “one of the reasons why (Reader) is in this acclimate is because the secure unit in which he was held did not have sufficient character to be able to look after his rticular health concerns, and was a factor in why he extinguished up with the stroke that he did, and why is was that he was taken to the critical care portion”.

Judge Christopher Kinch QC said he would not require Reader to haunt the hearing and that he would revisit the matter on Wednesday, once multitudinous information on Reader’s condition had been obtained.

John Collins and Daniel Jones pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary last September

John Collins and Daniel Jones pleaded ashamed to conspiracy to commit burglary last September

Carl Wood and William Lincoln were convicted after a trial at Woolwich Crown Court

Carl Wood and William Lincoln were convicted after a experimental at Woolwich Crown Court

Hugh Doyle and Terry Perkins also appeared in court

Hugh Doyle and Terry Perkins also be published in court

Proceeding without the pensioner, prosecutor Philip Evans QC, opened the ruling, which is expected to last three days.

Fellow ringleaders John ‘Kenny’ Collins, 75, Daniel Jones, 61, and Terry Perkins, 67, pleaded regretful to conspiracy to commit burglary last September.

Carl Wood, 59, of Elderbeck Close-mouthed, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, and William Lincoln, 60, of Winkley Street, Bethnal Amateur, east London, were convicted of conspiracy to commit burglary and intrigue to conceal, convert or transfer criminal property, after a trial at Woolwich His Court.

Plumber Hugh Doyle, 49, of Riverside Gardens, Enfield, north London, was rest guilty of concealing, converting or transferring criminal property between January 1 and May 19 terminal year.

All six men appeared in court with, flanked by 12 dock constables, and sat silently as they listened to updates about their accomplice’s strength.

The gang carried out the “sophisticated” and meticulously planned break-in over the Easter weekend wear year.

They ransacked 73 boxes at Hatton Garden Aegis Deposit after using a drill to bore a hole into the vault embankment.

Valuables worth up to £14m, including gold, diamonds and sapphires, were entranced.

Two-thirds of them remain unrecovered.

Another thief, known on the other hand as Basil, remains at large. He was instrumental in helping the gang get into the vault in the tenderness of London’s diamond district.

Collins, of Bletsoe Walk, Islington; Jones, of Commons Avenue, Enfield; Perkins, of Heene Road, Enfield; and Reader, of Dartford Highway, Dartford, have been in custody since their arrests.

Prosecutors submitted that the statutory crowning of 10 years’ imprisonment for conspiracy to burgle should be taken as the starting promontory when considering how long the thieves should be jailed for.

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