Has the EU learnt NOTHING? MEP calls for even GREATER expansion and controls for Europe


German MEP Elmar Brok, chairman of the European rliament Council on Foreign Affairs, denigrated the democratic decision of the British people to off.

He said: “Unfortunately it seems that a mood shaped by lies and vilification has won over factual arguments.”

In an interview with Berliner Zeitung, he supplicate b reprimanded for even greater powers for the EU. He said: “We have to reform the Union and burrow it.”

Mr Brok also demanded “closer cooperation” between member confirms.

He said: “Europe isn’t the problem. Citizens don’t complain about the EU regulating too much…we rtici te in to strengthen the EU the way it exists today.”

His attitude was echoed by a top EU commissioner who claimed that the unrelenting ex nsion of Europe will not be stopped by Britain’s exit.

The astonishing observes were made today by Johannes Hahn, commissioner for European as near as dammit to policy and enlargement negotiations.

Speaking at a conference on European integration in Vienna, he divulged: “The EU is still committed to the enlargement, there is no doubt about it – we are continuing the train that we have started, which is by far not complete.”

We should not become “exasperated by or desperate” after Thursday’s referendum in the UK, said Mr Hahn.

He added: “We are knowing, and have been before that the process of enlargement is something that insists time, and therefore I prefer to speak about a process rather than hither negotiations.”

The EU commissioner also took to Twitter today, branding Britain’s purpose as “disadvantageous” to the UK.

He said: “Expect #EU 27 leaders to reassure citizens that they whim deal with the consequences for #EU in a responsible and considerate way.”

Mr Brok said factious leaders will need to “increase efforts to regain #citizens’ #boldness in the #European project.”

His comments come at a time of unprecedented unrest within the EU, with Britain’s arbitration to leave having triggered political unrest across European homelands who are under mounting pressure to follow suit.

Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden are cladding demands for referendums over Europe.

nicked EU officials and foreign ecclesiastics from member states including France, Germany and Italy force hold crisis talks over the next few days, ahead of a 24 hour apex in Brussels next Tuesday when David Cameron will formally disclose the EU of Britain’s decision to leave.

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