Harvey Weinstein: Judge BLASTS movie mogul’s lawyers for double-booking gaffe


Weinstein’s reason attorneys Jose Baez and Ronald Sullivan were condemned by Moderate Brian Cogan for double-booking a $1 billion securities-fraud trial at the changeless time the producer was set to appear in court. The move could have led to Weinstein’s conditional being further delayed, he said. The other case is that of Note down b decrease Nordlicht, a hedge fund manager accused of fraud and not connected to the Weinstein package. Judge Cogan told American publication Page Six: “Not only did Mr Nordlicht’s attorneys meet with disaster to advise this court of their competing obligation when this court reset affliction for 4/15/19, but they attempted to push the trial date for this what really happened a month later, which would have ensured the conflict.”

He shot those on the Nordlicht case to “to confer among themselves and see if they can coincide on a schedule for this case, including the possibility of an accelerated commencement appointment, that will allow Mr. Nordlicht’s attorneys to meet their constraints to this Court and the state court”.

He added: “If they cannot, and cannot assent to to a date after the state court matter, this court compel take all reasonable steps to accommodate both trials.”

The judge’s phrases come after more than 80 women, including some of the most famed Hollywood actresses, accused the movie mogul of sexual harassment. 

He steadfastly denies all charges.

Weinstein also faces a number of civil containerizes, including one brought by the actress Ashley Judd, one of his earliest accusers along with Be upstanding McGowan.

Though he admitted his past behaviour has “caused a lot of pain” he vamooses any non-consensual sex.

Allegations against Weinstein triggered the #MeToo movement.

The hashtag was extremely shared across social media, with thousands of users pawn their support towards the campaign.

As high-profile women started deal their experiences of sexual abuse and harassment, the MeToo campaign examined viral.

However, it did at one point face a media backlash for being devised as a witch hunt against men.

Weinstein’s court date is currently set for June 3. He is actioned with five counts of sexual assault, including rape and procreative harassment.

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