Harry Dunn crash: Parents ‘let down’ by UK and US governments


The relatives at the centre of a row over diplomatic immunity after their son died in a car force described a meeting with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab as compassionate like a “publicity stunt”.

Harry Dunn, 19, died in a blast with a Volvo in Northamptonshire on 27 August.

American diplomat’s bride Anne Sacoolas, suspected of driving the other vehicle, later liberal the UK to return to the US.

Harry’s mother Charlotte Charles said she felt “let down” by both the UK and US directions.

Speaking to Sky News, she said: “I can’t really see the point as to why we were invited to see Dominic Raab. We are no urge onwards forward than where we were this time last week.

“Faction of me is feeling like it was just a publicity stunt on the UK Government side to put on they are trying to help.

“But, although he is engaging with us, we have no surrebutters. We are really frustrated that we could spend half an hour or numerous with him and just come out with nothing.”

Together with her husband Tim Dunn, she met Mr Raab in the expectation he would urge the US to waive Ms Sacoolas’ diplomatic immunity.

Mr Dunn translated: “I felt extremely let down by the Government today, or by the Foreign and Commonwealth Purpose.

“I’m deeply, deeply disappointed that they think it’s okay to nullify a young lad on his bike and they can just walk away.”

“I don’t think the regulation or the Commonwealth Office have any clout to do anything.”

The Foreign Office has been accessed for comment.

Ms Charles urged Ms Sacoolas to do the “humane thing to do and get on a plane and crop up b grow back”.

Their lawyer Radd Seiger said they were in talks to establish a civil case against Ms Sacoolas and they were “going to Washington before you know it to help us get that justice for Harry”.

He also invited US President Donald Trump to collect the family about the case.

“If meeting with President Trump pleasure help us get a step closer to seek justice for Harry, to get justice for that boy who died that tenebrousness needlessly, one of the most wonderful kids in our community, if that’s what it rounds then I will extend an invitation now to President Trump.

“Meet us. Let’s require a chat. Nobody wants to litigate.”

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  • Police urge US to waive crash suspect’s indemnity

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged the US to reconsider its decision to tolerate Ms Sacoolas immunity, while Mr Raab had already spoken to the US ambassador and Secretary of National Mike Pompeo.

Northamptonshire’s chief constable and its police and crime commissioner have planned also urged the Americans to waive Ms Sacoolas’s diplomatic immunity.

Harry Dunn kick the bucketed after his Kawasaki motorcycle was in a crash with a black Volvo XC90 in Croughton, agree to an RAF base.

He was taken to Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where he died.

Chief Bobby Nick Adderley said “based on CCTV evidence”, officers knew that “a means alighted from the RAF base at Croughton” and was “on the wrong side of the road”.

He communicated the suspect, Ms Sacoolas, had “engaged fully” following the crash and said “she had no arrangements to leave the country in the near future”.

However, she then left for the Collective States and has not returned.

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