‘Grenfell changes everything’ Thousands evacuated from tower with flammable cladding


It is believed that 800 knowledgeable ins in the Chalcots Estate have been emptied.

Leader of Camden Directors, Georgia Gould, said: “Whilst we are clear that our cladding lay out and insulation significantly differs to that at Grenfell Tower, the external cladding panels did not fulfil our independent laboratory testing or the high standards we set for contractors.

“Camden Ministry has decided it will immediately begin preparing to remove these outward cladding panels from the five tower blocks on the Chalcots Land. Camden Council will do whatever it takes to ensure our residents are supported about the safety of their homes.

Chalcots EstateAFP•GETTY

The Chalcots Estate in Swiss Cot, Camden, has been evacuated

“Until the panels have all been removed, we will carry out 24/7 fervour safety patrols on the estate’s corridors to reassure residents and carry out boosted fire safety checks.

“This additional assessment work comprehends a sweep of corridors to make sure they are clear of obstructions and anything that is potentially inflammable. We will also be working with residents to test white reals (PAT testing), assessing fire doors in properties and we will be providing inspirit safety advice to residents.

“We have set up an information point on Chalcots Place staffed by our housing teams who will be highly visible to our residents on top of the coming days. We want any residents who have concerns or questions to possess c visit to the information point so we can help them.”

Chalcots Estate has been evacuatedAFP

The Chalcots Estate in Camden, north London

“We are make side-by-side with our housing groups and the London Fire Brigade and we vestiges ready to respond to any changes to national fire safety advice. We stand for ready to fully support any national investigation into materials, erection standards and safety regulations.

“It’s vital for all of London’s residents who live in high-rise erections, that we learn from investigations into what caused and exacerbated the ill-omened fire at Grenfell Tower.”

London Fire Brigade Borough Commander Simon Tuhill articulate: “We are conducting joint visits to the Chalcots Estate with the council and will be identifiable to residents, who will be able to ask fire safety questions to firefighters.

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“In addition, we will visit all premises identified to check the light safety of the building and make sure that in the event of a fire, firefighting facilities are all in okay awkward. The Brigade will also programme more in-depth inspections as voice of an on-going process.

“The Brigade will check on all safety aspects, for exempli gratia that fire doors are correctly fitted and self-closing, and that slip off routes are clear. Officers will also give advice to the dwelling provider on any immediate actions that need to be taken.

“The message to those tangible in high rise is that the only action you need to take is to fare sure that you have normal fire safety measures in circumstances.”

Cladding was used on the Grenfell Tower which caught fire on June 14, which called the lives of at least 79 people.

Ms Gould in later statement foretold that Swiss Cottage Library would be set up as a temporary centre.

She replied: “Last night the leader of the council and the chief executive led a public congress to listen to the concerns held by residents of the Chalcots estate.

“Upon discovering from residents the leadership of the council immediately instructed a joint salvo inspection with the London Fire Brigade.

“Today the London Stirred Brigade completed a joint inspection of the blocks with Camden Convocation technical experts.

“Together we decided that the Taplow block stresses to be temporarily decanted while we undertake urgent fire safety accomplishes so that residents can be fully assured of their safety.

“This means that we necessity to move residents from their homes and into temporary shelter.”

She said it is thought the work would take three to four weeks, joining: “We realise that this is hugely distressing for everyone affected and we thinks fitting be doing all we can, alongside the London Fire Brigade and other authorities, to bankroll our residents at this difficult time.

“The Grenfell fire changes all things – we need to do everything we can to keep residents safe.”

Taplow resident Shirley Phillips asserted she had only heard about the evacuation on Sky News, adding: “We’re told we’ll be out for two to four weeks.

“I’m active over to the emergency centre and they’ve told me they’ll find me somewhere to go.

“I’ve got a scrap bag together. I haven’t got anything else.”

She said she was given “no notice” of what had developed.

“They’ve had the fire brigade here all day, Camden Council, police…why be dressed they left it til 8.30 at night to start get residents out. Where do they evaluate we’re all going?”

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