Greece protests: Chaos in Athens as police teargas protesters throwing Molotov cocktails


Shows saw people running away from police and thick plumes of smoke take up arm in Syntagma Square, outside the parliament building in Athens. Earlier at only slightly three petrol bombs were thrown towards police. Perk ups are being planned in almost 40 Greek cities and town to preclude the Government’s plans.


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis determined MPs in Parliament: “The right to hold peaceful gatherings must be protected but it necessity be done in a way that will not interrupt the activity of an entire city.

“Today’s invoice will actually shield the freedom of public expression of citizens.

“It inclination shield it both from the danger of state arbitrariness and from the intimation of usurpation of this right by some opponents of normalcy.

Opposition bossman Alexis Tsipras added that the bill is a reactionary institutional busy” against “democracy, the constitutionally guaranteed right to demonstrate, to rally, to asseverate.”

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Coronavirus symptoms (Image: Put into words)

Mr Mitsotakis told Skai radio: “We won’t be depending on assays from abroad, and I believe we will be in a position to make some important announcements on research into therapy protocols.”

Greece moved before you can say Jack Robinson to contain the virus outbreak by initiating a broad lockdown in March, recording trivial than 4000 cases, and less than 200 deaths.

Researchers put they had also developed a test with ‘more than 90 percent Loosely precision’ which can detect COVID-19 antibodies, a sign that someone had corrugate the virus.

Research was also underway into how antibodies could be habituated to in a potential cure, they said.

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