Great Western ‘sells’ first class ticket for 64-mile train journey for £10,000


Train and ticket pricePH/GETTY

Unforgivable Western sold first class tickets for £10,000 each

The sacrifice is said to have been quoted for a ticket between Taunton, Somerset, and Trowbridge, Wiltshire, to move on June 20 – £9,987.30 more expensive than the standard breeding fare. 

The journey would cost around £156 a minute for the gambol which includes a change at Westbury. 

Screenshots of the goof have been shared widely on social media – with one Cheep user saying the sky-high price would be considered normal in the ripping. 

User Daravel_Fox said: “£10,000 first class railway ticket. Sounds type standard prices for via London trains.” 

Train farePH

The ticket was £9,987.30 more high-priced than the standard class fare


The journey would sell for around £156 a minute for the trip which includes a change at Westbury

While Ryan Laird tweeted: “I skilled ined UK train prices were bad at times but £10,000 for a train ticket?” 

Another alcohol, SomersetSunshin, said: “£10,000.00 for a 1st class return ticket from Taunton to Trowbridge on your website, is that a frolic glitch?” 

A Great Western Railway spokesman told the Wiltshire Sets: “We are aware of an IT glitch which has published fares for a first class odyssey that does not exist. 

“We are working to remedy this as soon as reachable. 

“Anytime single fares between Taunton and Trowbridge are available from £12.70.” 

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