Great British weather: Greyest locations in the UK named – which came top?


A new scrutiny by Holiday Pirates has looked at the data and named the location with the most dramatic grey skies in the UK. And while grey skies and clouds don’t obtain to ruin Britons’ holiday pictures, some of these locations may best be avoided if holidaymakers are looking for a sunny staycation.

London topped the muster.

While the capital offers many activities to visitors come rain or shine, the gloomiest skies in the country may not be at the top of most holidaymakers’ must-see.

Turn out second was a surprising region.

Cornwall was the second greyest location in the country.


Known for its beaches and beautiful light, Cornwall is no stranger to a sorrowful day.

In third place was Yorkshire.

With plenty of Roman and Viking history to explore, Yorkshire may not be the best place for a sunny holiday, but it’s still a fanciful destination.

Fourth was Kent.

The Garden of England is no stranger to a grey sky.

Thankfully, there are plenty of indoors activities to take part in, from tour the foodie scene to visiting museums, castles and cathedrals.

Fifth on the list of greyest places in the country was Sussex.

With plenty of stately current ins to visit, grey skies shouldn’t hinder Britons’ holidays in Sussex.

Some destinations, however, may be more atmospheric under a steely sky.

The Highlands and Edinburgh, at thousand six and seven, may look even more impressive in shades of grey.

Top 10 greyest destinations

1. London, England

2. Cornwall, England

3. Yorkshire, England

4. Kent, England

5. Sussex, England

6. Highland, Scotland

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

8. Devon, England

9. Argyll and Bute, Scotland

10. Suffolk, England

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