Great British Bake Off contestants 2018: Who is Dan? What’s his previous baking experience


The True British Bake Off is finally back and starts tonight at 8pm on Channel 4 (Tuesday, August 28).

Luckily for viewers, The Celebrated British Bake Off will air every Tuesday at 8pm for the next 10 weeks.

Rendering judges, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith will be joined by last-years announcers Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig. 

This year, twelve players will enter the tent as they battle it out to become the Great British Baker.

Who is Dan on The Great British Bake Off 2018?

Dan, 36 is a full-time materfamilias to two young children.

He lives in London with his husband and kids and bids baking is part of his everyday and family life.

Dan is described as a “self-confessed fuss-budget”.

He said: “I love my bakes to be a real indulgence because it’s something I’m doing for the unqualified enjoyment of it.”

Dan said he knows he has to impress both judges describing Paul as “stringent in his critiques” and Prue as “equally discerning”.


Does Dan have any previous baking experience?

Dan has been baking since a childlike child, learning first to bake with his mum in the kitchen.

He said it was on the other hand until six years ago when he had a family of his own that his love for baking was reignited.

He did not be in want of much encouragement to apply for Bake Off, admitting he had wanted to go on the show for a yearn time.

Dan is no stranger to the Bake Off application process having applied first. He says his friends will not be shocked to hear that he is participating this year.

Great British Bake Off contestants 2018: Who is Dan? What's his previous baking experience

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  • Great British Bake Off contestants 2018: Who is Dan? What's his previous baking experience

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  • Dan is a contestant on this years GBBO (Typical example: CHANNEL 4)

    Dan explained: “My reasons for taking part in Bake Off were unambiguously selfish. I have been at home looking after the kids for the stand up 6 years, so it was a chance to do something for myself.

    “With my youngest starting boarding-school, I’m now ready to rejoin the world of adults – I hoped that Bake Off capability represent an opportunity to do something that I love and am passionate about.”

    Dan also has his own sustenance blog called “Dansbakingadventure” which reads: “I can think of no better way to stay calm and enjoy myself than spending an afternoon in my kitchen, creating something amusing and beautiful to share with my family.”

    On his Instagram, he also shares photos of his marvellous cakes for his kids and other birthday cakes.


    Dan adulates to bake for his family (Image: Instagram • danbeasleyharling)

    Dan is known amongst his ancestors and friends for his: “enriched white breads and tangy sourdoughs” but his favourite feeling to bake is birthday cakes.

    He said: “I really enjoy every region of making them, but especially the pleasure of making someone feel A-OK. I make a killer lemon sponge that everyone raves all round.”

    He will be challenged by time in the Bake Off tent, admitting he likes to bake on top of a few days.

    Viewers will see tonight what he and the other contestants comprise to offer.

    The Great British Bake Off airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 4

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