Great Big Business Survey – tell us how your firm is coping with the coronavirus crisis


The coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown that followed scarcely overnight transformed the way we do business. Offices, cafés, restaurants, shops and plants have been forced to close. Business owners have had to furlough caduceus or worse cut jobs.

The Government has been forced to launch an unprecedented protocol of support for businesses, worth hundreds of billions of pounds.

But other companies have found new opportunities, from supporting the NHS with equipment outfits to switching to home delivery services.

It’s a bewildering time for businesses – and we thirst for to hear from businesses of all shapes and sizes to find the true see in the minds eye of the health of the British business community during coronavirus.

What becomes have you had to make to get your business through the crisis?

Do you think your province will survive the pandemic at all?

Has the Government done enough to help you and tasks like yours through the pandemic?

And what will your task look like once the coronavirus pandemic is over and the country adjusts to a new kind of normal?

The survey, created by our sister site BusinessLive, when one pleases only take a few minutes to fill in.

And we’re running this survey on dozens of peculiar news sites across our parent company, Reach plc – you can help us get a accurate national picture of what’s happening to businesses, to entrepreneurs, to managers and to tradesmen across the country.

Please take part in the Great Big Business Appraise.

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