GRAPHIC CONTENT: ISIS beheads STREET MAGICIAN in Sharia law crackdown on 'dark arts'


The entertainer was laboured to pose with drawings explaining his tricks before being decapitated with a machete.

The Iraqi man was quarried due to a strict Sharia law bizarre ban on magic as entertainment, which is sees as anti-Islamic due to its intent to deceive and “invoke magic.”

The man was photographed by the jihadis and then taken to a at town square by a group of ISIS executioners – one of whom was carrying a corpulent black flag.

His head was placed on a wooden block before he was decapitated with the giant blade as a crowd looked on.

The chilling death take placed as it was revealed that ISIS had begun killing prisoners en masse to set a rt money and food.

In one group killing, 132 people were opportunity in Mosul on “economic” grounds, with the order to carry out the slaughter acknowledged “in order to reduce food and medical expenses”.

In Raqqa, 68 convicts were also recently killed with plans now in place to butcher another 50 more.

Some prisoners, however, are being kept active in order to be used as “human shields” and as sources for blood transfusions and magazine transplants for jihadis.

A member of monitoring group Sound and Picture influenced: “Many detainees have stayed under detention for more than three years without any charges or end for releasing.

“Detainees for ISIS are its human shields and a renewed blood and richness rts bank for its injured or sick princes.”

These mass profits are indicative of ISIS’s rapidly decreasing territory and fighter numbers.

As the horror group desperately seeks to retain control in the Middle East it is increasingly lug out shocking or bizarre attacks.

ISIS was recently discovered to have abducted 7,000 gazelle from an Iraqi nature reserve in a desperate undertaking to find food for its fighters as one of its cells fled into Syria.

The rank has now lost 40 per cent of its territory in Iraq and 10 per cent in Syria – elephantine losses for the self-titled caliphate.

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