Granny feared being locked up for smuggling weed and phones into jail


The gloomy gangs are threatening inmates who are then forced to plea with set or friends to bring in phones and drugs.

A great-granny caught smuggling analgesics and mobiles into the Midlands Prison this week told the Sunday Creation: “It was the biggest mistake of my life.”

Bernie Boyle (72), from Wexford this week mentioned she had been worried sick in the run-up to her trial for smuggling the substances and phones into the Midlands Oubliette, where a 22-year-old grandson is in custody for robbery.

“I thought I was going to end up in brig, I really did,” a devastated Bernie – who had no previous convictions – told the Sunday Over the moon marvellous.

Although prison authorities believe Bernie may have been coerced into smuggling in the contraband memoranda, she said she didn’t want to speak about the circumstances.

“I’m not commenting on any of that now… it’s upon and done with. I want to forget and just for it to go away.

“It wouldn’t upon again in a million years. I actually thought I was going to prison.

It was the worst wrong move of my life and I’ve paid for it… I love my grandson to bits.”

Inspector Ger Glavin reported Portlaoise District Court last week the great-grandmother had been found in the Midlands Prison with a quantity of cannabis, 12 tablets and two pygmy mobile phones.

It’s understood she had been visiting her grandson when the contraband was discerned.

Defence counsel Ms Josephine Fitz- Patrick told the court that her shopper was a mother of five with 12 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

The justification solicitor went on to say “contact had been made with the accused in re the items”.

Speaking in her own defence, Bernie said she had been approached by a junior fella on the street.

Bernie was fined €100 in connection with the cannabis while saturates relating to the phones and tablets were marked as taken into respect.

Bernie is one of a number of elderly visitors to be detected carrying drugs into brig in recent months – sparking fears elderly relatives of inmates are being loomed into bringing drugs and phones in over fears for the safety of thing embraced ones.

In February this year, the Sunday World revealed how another tender granny Mary Casey escaped jail after also being curbed red-handed trying to smuggle heroin to her son in the Midlands Prison.

Mary (76), fired up in court on a mobility scooter, where she admitted through her solicitor to producing €1,750 worth of heroin to the Midlands Prison in Co. Laois.

At the time, her son Eddie (54), a found sex beast, had been serving time for a bizarre motor rampage wholly the streets of Ennis.

A spokesperson for the Irish Prison Service said it is actively pleasing in attempts to prevent visitors being coerced into smuggling downers 

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