Grand Designs hopeful devastated as project faces £80,000 setback: ‘It’s a big hit’


Kevin McCloud recurs to Channel 4 this evening for an all-new episode of Grand Designs. Tonight, viewers commitment be transported to Sevenoaks, Kent as they watch charity fundraisers Greg and Georgie get to grips with remodeling a 35-year-old barn in Georgia’s parents’ garden into their greatly first home together. However, the task at hand is far from unmistakable sailing as a clip from the episode shows Greg left deflated after discovering he’ll take to fork out an unexpected £80,000 on one aspect of the renovation.

Greg and Georgie end up charming on much of the tough work themselves as they aim to build their faultless first home. 

However, this throws up obstacles and challenges from the get-go, with rot uncovered in the barn’s structure as well as the daunting prospect of erecting a new two-story internal insulate frame.

And just moments into the mammoth task, Greg’s dealt a stony-hearted blow when he discovers the financial dent sorting out the foundations is booming to take on his budget.

The moment comes when Kevin explains: “At intervals the old concrete is cleared, Greg can hand over to a specialist groundworker, Paul, who has to instal much deeper and reinforced foundations.”

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Kevin stretches on to point out: “New footings on a plot of this size might cost £20,000 or £30,000,

“(But) here, delicately do around and reinforcing the base for this existing structure while hang on to it up is going to cost a lot more.”

The Grand Designs cameras then disenchant to Greg who reveals the damage it will have on his pay packet.

“It’s coming in at close by £80,000,” a deflated Greg says. “It’s a lot of money.”

“The worst-case scenario is that we in reality have to underpin all the main pillars,” he says.

Greg adds: “This is when we would rather to dig under the existing pads which aren’t big enough and join them and put blade and concrete in a very slow and tedious process.

“Which is a lot of hard operate and will cost a lot of money.”

In a first-look at the episode, Greg enlists the facilitate of a structural engineer to assess the depth and advise on how much money compel have to be forked out.

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