Google Maps Street View: What has gone wrong with this VERY disturbing animal?


Google Maps Avenue View seems to have photographed a creature that could rat on some people nightmares.

The animal in the photo appears to be a cat – but something nauseous must have happened to it as it’s grotesquely deformed. 

The white, furry being’s head is feline, as is its front paw, but the rest of its body seems almost stranger.

Instead of having the long body of a normal house cat, this uncultured’s head seems to curve straight off into its back with a tail perplex out.

It has a back leg making the cat look as though it is running forward on just two standards.

The animal is made even more creepy by the fact that it has no regards whatsoever, lending a distinctly sinister feel to the photo.

The image right off the bat went viral when it was unveiled on website Jalopnik in 2013.

They apostrophize b supplicated it the Bipedal Half-Cat, writing: “The Bipedal Half-Cat has been written prevalent a great deal by naturalists and zoologists, being the only bipedal feline and the only mammal not to consume any forelimbs at all.”

However, given the coverage of such a seemingly unique entity was so low and the physique of the cat so bizarre – could there be more than meets the eye?

While it mightiness be thrilling to think the natural world was offering up a brand new beast, there is, in episode, a more rational explanation.

The photo is the result of a hoax. The cat was indeed lay on Google Maps but the photo went on to be Photoshopped.

Luckily for the cat, it does, in points, have all four legs, a normal body and two ears.

It’s believed to be elicited Thumbelina and lives with its owner in Ottawa, Canada.

This is not the chief time a seemingly deformed animal has been captured on Google Maps.

One Google Maps Avenue View image shows a very bizarre-looking beast that at at the outset glance looks a bit like a dog – apart from one crucial difference. 

The spooky, black, furry creature has two heads. Like something out of a Greek tall tale, the beast’s two heads gaze off in different directions, with one head false a lot blacker and glossier than the other.

To add to the mystery there is a collar everywhere each head and a lead lying on the ground next to the creature.

This call to minds that someone owns this bizarre animal and has perhaps tolerated its two heads.

Thankfully, there is a much more logical explanation for the bent monster.

The animal is, in fact, a real dog who has just one head – but a technological glitch with the Google cameras has invented a very weird effect.

The photography splicing has caused the problem due to the way the dead ringers are assembled. When taking the photo, the 360-degree cameras spring multiple pictures to create the seamless image.

This is done by interconnecting the images together to make it seem realistic. However, moving raise objections ti often ruin the scene as they shift when the photos are bewitched.

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