Google Maps Street View: Two men caught in highly shocking act at the side of a road


Google Maps Circle View photographs scenes from all over the world as it maps the planet. Habitually, as the Google car covers the streets across the globe, it catches some riveting scenes. Those that go viral often depict people in nonconforming, entertaining or alarming positions. These two men snapped on a roadside in Pennsylvania, USA are no demur at.

A Google Maps Street View photo has captured the pair fixed next to a car in Pittsburgh.

It would seem the men had very much hoped to not be aided, given their pose.

They look to be getting up to a very distrustful activity that would certainly shock many people.

Although they are order next to the vehicle, it appears as though it does not belong to them.

This is because it looks, to all intents and purposes, as all the same they are trying to break into the car.

Each is holding a tool which they look as if to be jabbing into the car door in an attempt to unlock it.

However, they had not dickered for the appearance of the Google Maps car, it could be argued.

Although Google has masked their faces out, they are both looking up at the camera.

It would evident they are aware they have been caught in the middle of an interdicted activity.

However, there’s no knowing what happened after the men quartered the Street View car.

It’s possible the car passed on by and they continued with their misdemeanour. Or perhaps they ran away from the area of the crime.

The Street View user is simply left to guess at what could entertain ensued after the photo was taken.

Of course, it’s possible one of them did own the car but had distraught the keys hence why they were trying to open it.

The men are not alone in being derided at a rather inopportune time – Google Street View is a wealth of such volume.

For instance, one man in Sheffield, UK fell foul of Google Maps when he was snared spying on his neighbours. 

He was snapped standing in a driveway looking over a derange into next door’s garden. It would seem he is looking into next door’s garden and the interactions between a triune of teenagers.

The youngsters look to be engaged in a fight – one boy is on the floor while another standpoints over him grappling with him. A third boy is bending over the pair, patently in an attempt to break the two apart.

In the Google shot which shows the melee, it seems the top of the head of the man can be seen poking out just above the wall as he be on the watches the group.

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