Google Maps: Street View car catches boy in embarrassing tumble on US street


No matter how, if the Google user travels further down the street – things don’t deflect out so well for the child.

A second shot of the road shows the youngster prepossessing a nasty tumble.

He can be seen captured mid-fall from the bench.

His sinistral leg is thrown in the air as he sticks his right arm as thought to break his fall.


The pin action shot makes to look as though the child is about to force to the pavement at any second.

Frustratingly, how the scene panned out is not known.

If the Google buyer heads further down the street, tracking the movements of the Street Landscape car to get a better view, a car blocks the view of the bench.

It’s certainly hoped the boy didn’t upset himself too badly.

“If he kept rolling he would land on his face,” a Redditor unmistakeable out.

Some were more baffled by the unusual design of the bench which put into the limelights uneven slats.

“That’s a weird a** bench,” one person wrote.

Another penned: “Cold architecture in action. Why do humans make anti-human designs just to abort people experiencing homelessness from getting some sleep (sic).”

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