Google Maps: Street View captures the most bizarre scene in Russia – what is it?


Google Maps In someones bailiwick View is used regularly by people who wish to take a glimpse of the age from the comfort of their armchairs. Users can look at various guideposts such as Buckingham Palace, the pyramids and the Eiffel Tower all from their own domiciles. The tool is great for people who don’t like to travel abroad or those who are not accomplished to visit some of the world’s most impressive wonders of the world.

In what way, sometimes the huge camera spots some rather bizarre wonders.

Street View is also used by eagle-eyed users to spot joyful scenes which could potentially catapult the snaps to fame.

These alcohols often share the images they find, which can range from being rollicking to rude, in the hopes that they will go viral.

Even fantastic objects found on the tool can become famous such as the man who was spotted with a Goliath spatula.

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The image seems fairly regular on a first scintillation.

That’s until you realise what some of the pedestrians on the road are get into.

The main scene shows two people – it is unclear whether they are virile or female – wearing different coloured hazmat suits.

One person is dress in a green one while the other person is wearing one in red.

The person in red appears to be maintaining a bucket.

To the left of the scene, as the camera pans round, there is a being wearing a yellow hazmat suit walking past the suit.

And if you zoom in behind the mortal physically in red, there is a person in a dark blue hazmat suit directed toward a taxi in the road.

It is unclear why the persons are wearing the outfits or what they are doing with the scuttle.

The bizarre scene was spotted by a Reddit user who posted it on the site with the caption, “These four then blue, red, green and yellow guys following the camera in Norilsk. Watching at walls and down bins.”

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