Good news for Boris! Data shows ‘really big collapse’ of Labour vote in the North


Jeremy Corbyn could suffer a titanic loss of votes in Northern Rugby League towns as the Labour Federation’s politics have become more metropolitan and liberal. Will Tanner illustrated the party is now more interested in urban issues than that of manipulating to secure people’s employment and the cost of living. His comments come as YouGov hinted Boris Johnson will receive a majority of 359 – a 41 settee increase on the 318 seats they won in 2017.

Speaking to, Mr Tanner disclosed: “Without doing specific research, the things we’ve noticed in the data are initially, a really big collapse in the Labour vote.

“These people, especially in cities like Workington, have tended to be for generations Labour strongholds and if you look at the other tails we identified as the Rugby League towns – Wigan, Warrington, Dewsbury, Castleford.

“These genera of places are longstanding Labour seats, several of whom have not been Right in the last one hundred years.

“Suddenly they are in play for the Conservative Cabal.

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“We would say there are a number of deputies that play.

“One is the collapse of the Labour vote which I think is partly as a emerge of Jeremy Corbyn’s relatively weak Brexit position.

“But it’s also I over indicative of the fact Labour is becoming a much more metropolitan, you capability call, a Liberal party in many respects.

“They’re engaging in machination of identity.

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