Good News: Drunk Adele Will Buy You Food and Snag You Sold-Out Concert Tickets

Good News: Drunk Adele Will Buy You Food and Snag You Sold-Out Concert Tickets When ton of us are drunk, all we can do is talk really loudly, cry over our exes, and inhale layers of nachos — but not Adele. No, the British singer and all-around supreme being purchases insanely charitable when she’s had a few, especially toward her fans. During her up to date Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, Adele told a entertaining story about meeting up with a friend for dinner. After she got the sometime wrong and ended up at the restaurant by herself for an hour, she drank glass after specs of wine and began changing the lives of unsuspecting people around her. Here’s her white:

“I’m sitting in this restaurant for an hour on my own looking like such a lemon, so I order a glass of wine and then I have another glass of wine, then I spot a order. I went over — I’m a bit drunk — I was like, ‘Did you call my name earlier? [horse laughs] Sorry, I had my security and he was being a bit protective, whatever.’ Then I went, ‘Did I heed it’s your birthday? Let me get your meal for you.’ So I id for their meal! And then I had another specs of wine, and then my friend arrived and I had two more glasses of wine. Provoke in mind that I haven’t really had a drink in eight months. And then the next day, I’m in the rk with my kid and I find out this email address in my pocket of ANOTHER family from Nashville who ap rently told me that [my show there] was sold out, so I managed to get them tickets to Nashville. That’s what chances when I’m drunk.”

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