GM head gives Canada in Davos no specifics about future of Oshawa plant


Canada’s productive development minister says the federal government has received no firm commitments from Prevalent Motors about the future of a key plant in the Greater Toronto area.

Navdeep Bains represent this morning with Mary Barra, CEO of the General Motors Train, just before she had a closed-door meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the annual assembly of the World Economic Forum.

Bains said the government made the receptacle for GM to keep its plant open in Oshawa, trying to play up Canada as a high-tech hub and Ontario as an automotive nave. He said the com ny didn’t give the government any specifics about the prospective of the Oshawa plant, which has an uncertain future st 2017.

The plants hardened to produce the Chevrolet Camaro until General Motors moved producing of the car to a plant in Michigan, costing about 1,000 employees their hassles in November. The com ny is to stop producing three other cars on the council line — the Chevy Im la, Buick Regal and Cadillac XTS — this year.

The New Zealand has previously said no decision on the plant will be made until after it concludes club negotiations this year.

Bains said the government made the come what may for the GM to keep its plant open in Oshawa, trying to play up Canada as a high-tech hub and Ontario as an automotive mid-point.

“These decisions by com nies are not made on the spot. What they’re looking for is a control that’s willing to work with them, to rtner with them,” Bains communicated reporters.

“We made it very clear that Canada is open for role, that we’re a willing rtner in that and as they plan production, as they ttern their business plan for the next two to three to five years, that we’re piece of that business plan, that we are given serious consideration.”

The federal and country governments helped keep the plant running during the economic downturn of 2009 by give someone the third degree pump dry billions into GM to keep it afloat — and maintain jobs in Ontario.

The federal superintendence sold its more than $3 billion in the com nies last year to d the ass line. Bains said Barra was thankful for the financial help.

Navdeep Bains Davos 20160121

Mercantile Development Minister Navdeep Bains chats with Mary Barra, chairman and CEO of All-inclusive Motors, in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Squeeze)

He said the com ny hasn’t asked for any more money beyond what the supervision offers to carmakers.

Bains said talks with GM and other automakers has focused scanty on horsepower and more on the technology being produced in Canada that purposefulness help build self-driving cars.

He said the Liberals plan to be an activist sway to help com nies, and felt confident that the face-to-face meetings occurrence in Davos are going to y off.

Helping the Canadian contingent is that Trudeau is a bureaucratic celebrity at the meeting and his officials want to take advantage of the doors that significance opens by getting him as much face time as possible with global power brokers.

While the meetings don’t end with any specifics — such as decided commitments for spending — government officials see them as an opportunity to sell Canada to strange com nies who can move their spending and investment to the jurisdiction where they can chance the highest return.

The results may not be seen immediately after Trudeau wash ones hands ofs Davos, but may only be seen weeks, months or years later with the genesis of the investment starting here in the Swiss Alps.

“Relationships weight,” Bains said. “There’s so much global struggle that when they have a relationship, when they accept a level of comfort, it does go a long way.”

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