Girl with horrifically disfigured broken arm is so drunk she LAUGHS at fracture


A photo of the uninitiated woman shows her left arm swollen and bent at a inful looking slant as it hangs awkwardly over the side of a hospital bed.

The break was so bad the girl called surgery, but, with her face screwed up and her mouth open, she appears to be titter hysterically despite the obvious injury.

The photo was posted onto collective networking site Reddit, under the headline “drunken ignorance is blessedness”, by user QuercusPercus, who claimed to be the tient’s housemate.

The friend revealed the juvenile woman had broken one of the two bones in her forearm and had also dislocated her elbow.

She evidently broke her ulna, the longer and thinner of the two forearm bones, on the opposite side to the thumb.

The collective media fan posted a second picture, ap rently showing an x-ray of the Freulein’s broken arm.

But even more shocking than the injury will suitable be the medical bill the girl was handed when she sobered up the following morning.

She red-hots in Denver, Colorado, in the United States, where sick people be required to either be covered by medical insurance or foot the bill for hospital treatment themselves.

Unfortunately for the crumpet she was being treated in a private hospital – and does not have insurance.

The Achates who posted the picture wrote with it: “She broke her ulna and dislocated her radius. No fettle insurance, so I think the bill will be more terrifying than this notion.”

She is understood to have had surgery about 16 hours after the photo was charmed.

Sources have estimated the bill for fixing a broken arm can range between £3,500 and a blow someones mind £50,000 depending on a number of factors including the severity of the injury and where the treatment guides place.

So she probably isn’t laughing any more.

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