Ghostly 'Brocken spectre' appears in the clouds over Yorkshire


A British walker has spotted a rare marvel called a “Brocken spectre” in the skies over Yorkshire.

Mirror conclude from Ian Lowry was taking a Sunday stroll across the The Cleveland Way, when he instantaneously spotted a ghostly figure in the sky, which he captured on camera.

He wasn’t hallucinating and this wasn’t a pestilence from the other side, but the effects of a natural occurrence first recorded in Germany.

A Brocken spectre occurs when an observer’s shadow is hint onto the upper surface of a cloud, often appearing inside a rainbow-like annulation caused by light shining through water droplets.

Ian said: “From where we were rove, you can usually see for miles, but the sky was covered in all directions by fog.

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“Teeside and North Yorkshire were under a blanket but we were straight above it and it was like looking from an aeroplane window, with effulgent sunshine shining for miles and miles over the top of clouds with defray blue sky above.

“When we reached the top, I noticed the halo effect and saw my curse in it.

“It was so serene and peaceful, as if I was looking down on the whole world.”

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