Get to Know Simone Biles, the Golden Child of Team USA's Women's Gymnastics


Skull into this Olympic weekend, we’re taking a closer look at Group USA and the superstars leading our country to gold. First on our list? Small but big Simone Biles, who has been stunning us with ridiculously insane crush routines, aerial maneuvers, and being upside down midair more day in and day out than she’s on the ground.

POPSUGAR got the chance to chat with Simone during her go abroad to Rio, and we got a sneak peek into the mind of this high-flying American hero — and what makes her tick.

Let’s get to know Simone a little better ahead of we tune into the Olympic Games this weekend. Since she have a crush ons inspirational quotes (as you’ll soon see), we thought we’d leave you with this Shakespeare nugget: “Though she be scant, she is fierce!” This quote totally comes to life in Simone.

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