George Galloway brutally mocks Keir Starmer as ‘Blair without laughs’ in blow to Labour


He told RT viewers: “They hated Corbyn, not because he hope for to put tuppence on the income tax, they hated Corbyn because he just dominion follow a different foreign policy to that which Labour has forever followed before.

“Tony Blair is the architect of Labour as it is today.

“It’s Tony Blair and his co-workers who are now in charge of the Labour Party.

“After all who is Sir Keir Starmer except Tony Blair without the rejects?”

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Mr Galloway had also mocked Mr Starmer’s choices for his hint cabinet, which were announced shortly after he was announced as big cheese.

Speaking with ex-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, the Scottish commentator popular that many ‘Blairites’ had made a return.

He said: “It looks similar kind the people who departed Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench are pretty largely in serious trouble again like zombies.

“The return of the undead. Is that thrilling you so far?”

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