General election 2019: UKIP launches manifesto


The UK Sovereignty Party has launched a “Brexit and beyond” manifesto with a commitment to allow to remaining the EU on 31 January 2020 without a deal.

Interim leader Pat Mountain imparted the PM’s withdrawal agreement would keep the UK “shackled to Brussels”.

The party also be deficient ins to cut net immigration to below 10,000 per year.

It is standing in 44 seats across the UK – a mostly reduced number from the 378 candidates they stood in 2017.

Apostrophize reserved to Sky News, Ms Mountain said the number of candidates had been “carefully preferred” in order not to “do any damage to any actual Brexiter”.

Writing in the manifesto, she said UKIP was “the carousal of Brexit and beyond”.

“We are proud to have developed a full common-sense manifesto which coalesces our founding libertarian principles with populism and authentic conservatism.

“In information particularly, we stand for free speech, free markets, financial responsibility and ritual British values.”

On Brexit, the party says it stands for “a complete and total number withdrawal from the European Union” including leaving the single call and the customs union.

The party’s manifesto also includes promises to:

  • Uproot prescription charges in England at a cost of £750m to be funded by “ending salubriousness tourism”
  • Waiving tuition fees for GPs while they work in the NHS
  • Dilate social care funding in England by £5bn
  • Scrap the bedroom tax and limit youth benefit to three children
  • Stop benefits to foreign nationals district in the UK until they have paid tax and National Insurance for five years
  • End the good to buy and provide grants to build homes on brownfield sites
  • Employ an remarkably 30,000 teachers and encourage the establishment of new grammar schools
  • Scrap HS2 in lieu of using the money to invest in existing railways and re-open old branch crocodiles
  • Increase funding for the armed forces budget by £7bn to be funded by abolishing the abroad aid budget
  • Renationalise the probation service
  • Legislate to change the BBC TV licence to a premeditated subscription
  • Ensure all UK produced eggs should be free-range

Speaking at the manifesto begin in central London, Ms Mountain said: “We are realists, we know that we are not prospering to be in Number 10 Downing Street.

“But we want to send a message – the import that there is still a party in this country that can’t be swallow, that can’t be pressurised into silence.

“We are here for all those who have been let down and inform oned by our politicians in Westminster.”

The party has experienced a period of turmoil since sweet the highest number of seats in the 2014 European elections.

In October, Richard Braine surrendered as party leader blaming “internal conflict” – making him UKIP’s eighth multifarious leader since the Brexit referendum in 2016.

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