Gardai widen search in hunt for clues about body in suitcase murder


Gardai today search farmhouses niggardly the place where Kenneth O’Brien’s body was found

A number of drops and farmyards in Ardclough close to where the remains of the 33-year-old Dubliner were start are also being examined today.

A complex spiderweb of relationships embracing the father and his personal life is being examined.

Threatening text reports and the phone records of the murder victim are at the centre of the garda investigation into his decease.

Officers are working on the theory that the brutal murder may have been kidnaped out by a man known to him whom he possibly met by arrangement, rather than gangland endeavour.

Gardai believe that the victim’s body was dismembered with either a chainsaw or a saw but a ideal of his death has not yet been established.

Mr O’Brien, originally from Ballyfermot in west Dublin, was carry on seen alive when he left his Clondalkin home on Friday morning.

Gardai widen search in hunt for clues about body in suitcase murder

Kenneth O’Brien

Forensic gardai prostrate all day yesterday at the property at Lealand Road and they removed a number of details from the house.

Other officers spent the day taking statements from people who be informed the tragic father-of-one.

Sources said that officers were desperately upsetting to build a “full picture” of Mr O’Brien’s personality and relationships in an attempt to spot how he met such a grim fate.

“This involves taking statements off person who knew him and attempting to make contact with anyone who had been use with him in recent weeks.

“Everyone who knew Mr O’Brien will rtici te in to be looked at closely, that is the nature of this,” they said.

“Gardai are not adopting a definite line of enquiry at this stage, but it is being investigated whether he may should prefer to been killed by someone because of events in his personal life,” the start added.

The exact nature of the recent threats made to Mr O’ Brien were not released but it is understood that he did not know his life was under threat.

However the characteristic he lived at had CCTV cameras on it but it is not known when they were measured there.

Mr O’Brien was not known to officers for involvement in serious offences and his one convictions were for relatively minor driving offences a number of years ago.

Roots said that gardai were “unaware” of underworld reports that make one thought he may have been targeted by a notorious Clondalkin-based gang over an real debt.

The mutilated remains of the dad-of-one, who had only moved back to Dublin from Australia in December were charmed from the canal at Ardclough, Co Kildare, on Saturday.

It is understood that he just decided at Christmas to permanently move back to Ireland.

Mr O’Brien was identified at 3.30pm on Tuesday after a DNA test taken from the torso matched a sample provided by a member of his brood.

The mechanic and JCB driver was the father of a little boy. He vanished on Friday after telling his offspring he was heading down the country to do some work.

They reported him needing on Saturday evening, but by then his torso had been discovered by two walkers who saw a bag in the canal.

The murder investigation is being carried out by officers at Leixlip Garda Position, who continue to appeal for information.

It is expected that it will be a lengthy study which will involve the detailed analysis of mobile phone traffic in an take a crack at to establish who the victim had been communicating with.


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