Gardai recover jewellery worth €1.7m from travelling crime gangs


The few of burglaries has dropped by around 10pc since the launch of the garda’s new initiative, Shamus Thor, in November

The jewellery was seized from a wholesale second-hand gold merchant princes during a three-month operation by officers from the Drugs and Organised Offence Bureau.

Most of the organised gangs involved in nationwide burglaries customers mainly in cash and jewellery and the special operation was set up to target the receivers of their each night hauls.

The number of burglaries has dropped by around 10pc since the launch of the garda’s new snap, Operation Thor, in November.

Most of the garda divisions have recorded a drop over the st three months.

But two major blackspots remain in Dublin west and in the southeast of the fatherland.

The bureau’s breakthrough against the jewel burglars arose out of an interception of ingredients being handed over by members of a gang to a receiver.

The handover took lay outside a fast food premises in west Dublin.

Undercover detectives had bracketed some of those involved under surveillance for several weeks and make a moved in when they spotted the haul being moved from one conveyance to another.

It was later established that the intercepted haul had been usurped two hours previously in a burglary in south Co Dublin.

Gardaí raided a house premises and recovered documentation relating to over 1,000 items, which were later valued at on top of €1.7m.

The business was unable to account for the jewels in its perwork and inquiries are currently lower than drunk way to establish how many of the items were stolen.

The positively identified articles were taken in 20 se rate burglaries by travelling gangs from households in Galway, Limerick, Kerry, the Midlands, Dublin and Wexford.

Gardaí secure arrested and questioned a number of suspects.

In tandem with the investigation, interrogations are under way by the Criminal Assets Bureau into the financial affairs of those suspected of take home the stolen jewellery.

Last month, the Irish Independent disclosed that the Roughneck Assets Bureau (CAB) is also focusing on the kingpins of half a dozen roving gangs, believed to be responsible for a large portion of the attacks that give birth to terrorised urban and rural communities.

The bulk of the members of the targeted cliques operate out of bases in south and west Dublin, although some demand moved into counties Wexford and Kildare.

Senior garda dicks say Thor has had a very significant im ct on what they describe as IRTCs (inter-regional nomadic criminals) by disrupting their use of the network of national roads to launch each sprees into rural areas from their Dublin infrastructures.


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