Gardai fear serial sex beast is on the loose in south Dublin


Two s sms in less than a month

Earlier this month, a brave juvenile woman in her 20s spoke out to reveal how she screamed and kicked the assailant as he tried to lag behind her into a secluded wooded area in Shankill, at around 7pm on Sunday, January 3.

The immature woman posted an account of the attack on Facebook, which went viral, sign that the sick attacker tried to “drag her into trees”.

It has now developed that a lady who is aged in her 40s was targeted at a location close to that circumstance on December 4 and she was also able to escape.

“There are a lot of similarities between these two covers and this is something that investigating gardaí are looking at in great catalogue,” a source explained.

“These incidents happened a month a rt and within a few hundred metres of each other.”

In the multifarious recent case, the young woman – who managed to fight off an attacker who hauled her into trees and attempted to sexually assault her just yards from her serene – appealed on social media for women to be vigilant.

That incident chanced near the Corbawn Lane area of Shankill. The victim was making her way proficient in when she noticed a man in his mid-40s following her.

“I was walking home from the purchase st the Dart station in Shankill and there was a man, about mid-40s, long-drawn-out on the th,” she said on Facebook.

“I obviously thought it was a bit odd so I just sped up and overwhelmed him on the th.

“I had my headphones in. He ended up following me into my estate and attacked me and undertook to sexually assault me when I was only a few metres from my own house. He essayed to drag me into the trees, but thankfully I was able to get away by yelling my lead off and giving him a sharp kick.

“I am very lucky to be pretty much unharmed, and he didn’t see which board was mine.”

“I just felt like I should post this here as a example to everyone to please be careful,” she wrote.

“If you see a strange man or woman, just ring your begetters or a friend and get home as quick as you can. Keep all your senses aware – no headphones in darker, calm areas, and always stay near built-up areas if you can.

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