Gardai closing in on gangland hit-squad

Friday 12th February 2016

The net is tightening on the gunmen managerial for the shocking gun attacks at the Regency Hotel in Dublin last Friday and in the North Strand on Monday.

The tourist house gun attack, by assailants disguised as gardai, resulted in the death of David Byrne at a crating weigh-in.

In a retaliatory strike by the Kinahan cartel, Eddie Hutch Snr was go dead at his home three days later.

Last night, officers were cified they would be able to bring the culprits to justice.

Gardai be acquainted with the identities of all of the key players in the deadly feud.

Many of them have ss muster a harmonized to ground since the two murders and some have returned to S in.

Gardai give the word delivered the introduction of armed checkpoints and saturation policing since last weekend has already interrupted the activities of members of the two gangs and prevented them from carrying out accessory acts of violence.

As heavily-armed officers were trolling the city’s concourses for a seventh successive night, detectives involved in both gun attacks were continuing to winnow through CCTV and images from both the Drumcondra hotel and north inner New Zealand urban area.

Two of the gunmen from the David Byrne murder did not completely disguise their veneer confronts. Mr Byrne was believed to have been shot dead in retaliation for the butcher of Gary Hutch in S in last September.

The violence has dominated the Accustomed Election cam ign since last weekend.

Serious concerns sire been raised about garda intelligence, as officers were not at the uncomfortable of the hotel weigh-in before the shooting – despite it being well discerned that some of Dublin’s most feared criminals would be just now.

Meanwhile, a garda ring of steel will be implemented for the funeral of David Byrne on Monday as higher- ranking officers pre red a blueprint to prevent another outbreak of violence.

Gardai are not alluring any chances of further bloodshed and are making pre rations for a major operation.

Directors said they planned to have a highly-visible presence outside the south inner burgh church where Mr Byrne’s funeral Mass will be celebrated on Monday.

Secret officers will also be deployed to keep watch on surrounding rows.

Officers will remain on high alert in the aftermath of the funeral and closely watch haunts of gang members.

Via Independent

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