Gangster threatens to shoot next Garda that drives past his compound


“I’m going to f***ing shoot the next Garda who drives up here.”

“I’m succeeding to f***ing shoot the next Garda who drives up here.”

The 34-year-old, who thinks he’s untouchable, conks up the gang dubbed the ‘New Westies’, who are known for their propensity for violence, torture and assassination.

He cannot be named as he is currently before the courts facing serious imputations.

Gardaí believe he was behind the murder of Willie Maughan (34) and his girlfriend Anna Varsalane (21), who go bankrupted missing on April 14 last year and are presumed dead.

The changed killer taunted Gardaí as they carried out searches for the bodies of the couple and has been behind a neurotic cam ign of terror against relatives of Maughan as they cam ign for incarceration.

He has built a 12ft wall around his home in Co. Meath recently because he was being regularly recorded by Gardaí.

The hot-headed thug got his sister to ring up Gardaí last week to whinge about them driving near his home.

Sources said that the unite boss grabbed the phone during the conversation and said: “I’m going to f***ing slay the next Garda who drives up here.”

He was arrested in connection with the foreboding on Monday.

The gangster was also hit with a €170,000 CAB bill in recent days as Gardaí on to target his operations.

Gardaí searched lands near his home as role of the investigation into the disappearance of Mr Maughan and Ms Varslane, but have yet to find their bodies.

Since the disappearance of Mr Maughan and Ms Varslane he has waged a operations of violence against members of Maughan’s family, including pipe bombard and petrol bomb attacks as well as death threats.

His gang were also liable for the murder of Benny Whitehouse (36), who was shot dead in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, on September 25, 2014. Mr Whitehouse’s bride was injured in the same attack, which was linked to a feud.

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