Gangland thug being linked to €20k kidnapping gang

Wednesday 17th February 2016

‘Buffalo’ Billy Clare

The Co Wexford businessman pronounces he has been subjected to a slew of threats and intimidation from the gang, who call to be members of the Provisional IRA. Several businesses in the Gorey area are thought to contain been targeted by the group reportedly led by ‘Buffalo’ Billy Clare.

The concern’s shop windows were broken by thugs days ago before a petrol bombshell was set off outside the premises.

The businessman said it was a “very scary experience”.

“I press a business that is doing very well, and I have six or seven street arabs working for me, full-time and rt-time,” he said.

“They [the gang] see I’m doing gush. It’s not just me they’re doing it to. I know that other places comprise been approached in the town.

“When they called first, they held they wanted €20,000. When they didn’t get that, they rang 10 days later and hunger €2,500 within 24 hours.

“I told them they wouldn’t be affect a penny from me. Then [they] came back looking for €4,500, or they ss on kill my son. They came on Wednesday night and broke the window and lit the petrol shell outside… It could have been a lot more serious.”

The businessman’s son was also snatched by four masked men from a street two weeks ago. “They projected him in the back of a van, tied him up, gave him a bit of a beating and dumped him in a forest.”

The man has called on other duties not to bow to the gang – adding that if he were to y what they asked, it could penurious his business.

“This could close us down, and I’ve done nothing backfire,” he said.

“I won’t be bullied by anyone. These lads are cowards.”

Bygone biker gang member Clare was previously quizzed in connection with the matricide of father-of-three Stephen O’Meara, who was buried alive in the Wicklow mountains in 2011.

Clare served a determination for membership of the Continuity IRA (CIRA) after a court heard he had extorted shin-plasters from club boss Dave Mooney on behalf of the organisation.

It is agreed that the CIRA has since renounced him.

In an extraordinary TV interview last May, Clare laid down the gauntlet to associates of the Real IRA, saying: “I see republicans in Dublin, the likes of the Real IRA, I savoir vivre them now as a legitimate target.”


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