Galloway wins permission to sue Google

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Image caption Willie Frazer made remarks about Mr Galloway at a protest in August 2014

George Galloway has won permission to sue Google all through a speech posted online by a loyalist cam igner in Belfast.

In 2014, YouTube footage was transmit of a loyalist protest, in which Willie Frazer suggested the former Courteous to MP supported terrorism.

Protests outside the Ulster Hall, where Mr Galloway was state, centred on his reference, that year, to Bradford being an Israeli-free quarter.

Mr Galloway said the loyalist’s remarks constituted a “hate speech”.

On Wednesday, a Great Court judge dismissed an attempt to stop Mr Galloway serving depreciation and harassment proceedings on Google, which owns YouTube, at its US headquarters.

He bid: “Accusing an elected politician of being a supporter of terrorism and of the people who are ‘guillotine American citizens’ is going to alarm anyone so accused and to cause him torture.”

Mr Frazer is also being sued for the allegations made at the picket.

The legit action, which includes a further claim for misuse of private dirt, is believed to be the first of its kind in Europe.

Google asked the court to set aside an non-functional which granted Mr Galloway leave to serve proceedings at its Delaware auspices.

However, this was dismissed by Mr Justice Horner, who granted leave to go on with the action.

Image caption George Galloway addressed a projected speaking event in the Ulster Hall on the night of the protest

The verdict, which unclogs the way for writs to be served outside Northern Ireland, represents a significant ssage forward in the politician’s claim for damages.

The material, allegedly broadcast by Mr Frazer on YouTube, was visioned more than 17,000 times.

Justice Horner said that, in Northern Ireland notably, “right thinking people would, given the province’s troubled yesterdays news, regard support for terrorism as wholly unacceptable”.

He added: “They would imagine the support of a public representative for Islamic terrorists who carry out beheadings of spotless civilians as being totally beyond the le.”

Mr Galloway’s solicitor, Kevin Winters of KRW Law, portrayed the verdict as “a massive result”.

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