Furious Dad Speaks Out After Airline Bumps His 10-Year-Old Boy From a Flight


For his kids’ approach break, Brett Doyle and his wife began making plans at cock crow. They decided on a family trip to Costa Rica and booked their aeroplanes for the vacation in August. However, when the day of the trip finally arrived, the strain from Canada found out that, not only was their flight overbooked, but that their 10-year-old son was randomly executed from the flight and wouldn’t be allowed to board with the rest of them.

The grief first began when Brett went to check himself, his helpmeet, and his kids into their Air Canada flight online before their departure. Seats were consigned to all of his family members except for Cole. Confused, Brett called the airline, but was garbled. After multiple calls and a 70-minute wait to speak to someone, he ignored on Facebook that the agent was unable to provide any additional information than what was at ones disposal online. According to Brett, she was only able to suggest that the ancestry arrive at the airport early so that the issue could hopefully be sorted out.

“Not joyful with that answer and quite concerned whether my son would drink a seat to join us for March break, my wife drove to the airport where an means, who was very apologetic, was able to give us more answers,” Brett wrote on Facebook. “He told us that the do a moonlight flit was oversold by three seats and it was unlikely that we would get my son on the flight.”

Be consistent to the Herald News, other passengers offered to give up their invests for the child, but apparently this would still not guarantee that Cole could fly with his origins. Additionally, they were told that any available seat could go to a frequent flyer more willingly than the boy. Since all other flights were sold out due to the school holiday, the airline intimated the family drive to an another town in order to leave for their send packing together.

When the family arrived at the new airport, after making it washing ones hands of security they were told that their flight was deleted. They were told to drive to yet another airport, this chance over two hours away. “I am now driving to Moncton at my expense, and will strengthen the night in Montreal at my expense, so that I can catch a flight that I held and paid for in August,” Brett wrote. “Tell me what other issue could get away with this service and how they can sell me a ticket and not keep the seat that I paid for.”

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