Furious Andrea Jenkyns demands Hilary Benn RESIGN for Brexit ‘bias’ in angry Commons clash


Ms Jenkyns formerly larboard Mr Benn stunned as she called for him to resign during the meeting. The Chair stumbled on his warrants as he said her comments were noted. It came as Craig MacKinlay MP phoned out Mr Benn for speaking for 20 minutes.

Mr MacKinlay ordered: “I would like to raise a point of order if I may.

“I am just wondering what we are doing here.

“You demand had the floor for 20 minutes, and I doubt that any other member inclination have the floor for 20 minutes during this discussion this morning and I liking welcome an opportunity for others to speak.”

Ms Jenkyns said: “With esteem, you are rather biased, because you were pushing the Benn Act through, so I drive personally like to see the Chair resign.”

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“Polling indicates there is a bit of a majority for Cadaver.”

Mr Boulton said: “Those people who voted for it would say normally, what we come out for for happens and if it’s a mistake then we can review it.

“Wouldn’t that be a basic mental collapse of trust between this place and the people if you say it’s not going to happen at all.”

Mr Benn go on increased: “The only people who determine whether it wasn’t going to happen at all resolve be the British people themselves.

“That’s the point about the confirmatory referendum because you be suffering with the Prime Minister saying I’m prepared to contemplate a no deal Brexit.”

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