French MP warns Hollande: Ban the burka EVERYWHERE or face CIVIL WAR


Republican Jacques Myard commanded only “radical measures” can prevent future attacks like the aversion in Nice, and called for France to extend its ban on the burka in public places to list private properties as well.

Myard, the député for Maisons-Laffitte in northern ris, also entreated the Government to automatically deport everyone who follows Sharia law, describing such people as “yobs”.

His controversial remarks come after terrorist gunman Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel silenced at least 84 people and seriously injured scores more when he vigour a lorry into crowds out celebrating Bastille Day.

It has since emerged that the 31-year-old Tunisian governmental never went to mosque or prayed, and ate pork and drank alcohol on a everyday basis.

His motives for carrying out the attack are unclear and no group has claimed job, though supporters of Islamic State (ISIS) have gone online to gloat in all directions the bloodshed.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith has condemned the attack, which it called “heinous and abject”, and offered its invocations for the friends and families of those killed and wounded.

Myard’s controversial comments, and exceptionally a reference he makes to a “fifth column” within French society, are able to cause outrage at a time when the country is reeling from yet another anarchist attack.

He will likely stand accused of inflaming spiralling genetic tensions across France, which is experiencing a resurgence in support for the far-right Van National rty.

Asked for his response to the attack, Myard told RT: “If we do not belittle radical measures we are going to civil war.

“France must look genuineness in the face. We have a fifth column in the country and it is extremely difficult to put a policeman on every thug and to monitor this type of barbaric act.”

Describing terrorist attacks as “a venereal issue, not an intelligence one” he called for politicians to “firmly enforce our laws on secularism, curb our borders and expel from France all who behave like barbarians”.

And he inspire a request ofed for a total ban on the burka “on the national territory” to replace the current measure, archaic in 2010, which prohibits wearing the veil in public places.

Myard cautioned against “isolated communities” across France which effectively run under religious law rather than secular French state law, and put the country was vulnerable to growing Islamist extremism in Tunisia and Algeria.

On the consequences of the Cordial attack, he said: “I think the French will enter a lucid end and will finally understand that there are groups who want to sabotage civil peace. It goes beyond the case of a single attack, it is a matter-of-fact attack against the whole of French society.

“It must be understood that the French are liberal, they are not xenophobic, but now they are going to put things in perspective and they longing understand that naivety is no longer appropriate.

“There will be discrete reactions, because obviously to avoid violent reactions from the French people the solemn must use all the means it has at its disposal to eliminate these groups, expel outlanders who preach hatred and truly protect the French.”

Asked what surveys he would like to see socialist president Hollande bring in, he called for the structure of a new “National Guard” to monitor potential extremists and said the Government should “discharge any binational individual who uses words contrary to the laws of the Republic”.

He ventured: “The rule should be general for all – no freedom for the enemies of freedom.”

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