Free school meals: Where can your child get a free school meal? Venues pledge support


A gesticulate about free school meals was controversially voted down in the Undertaking of Commons this week as footballer Marcus Rashford bid to extend these lunches during half term. The Labour Party motion aimed to cater more than 1.4 million children during school slits until Easter next year. But where can you get a free school go too far if you are struggling?


The Labour party pledged to give each detrimented child a £15 a week food voucher to use over school respites to help ease the financial burden for the hardest hit British families.

The proposal was defeated by 322 votes to 261, a majority of 61.

Just five Conservative MPs rebelled against the Management in this vote including Caroline Ansell, Robert Halfon, Jason McCartney, Anne Marie Morris and Holly Mumby-Croft.

You can assign out how your MP voted here.

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Free indoctrinate meals: Where can you get a free school meals this half-term? (Epitome: PA)

Free school meals: The Labour motion was voted down by 61 votes (Simile: PA)

After the vote result was announced, Manchester United player Mr Rashford tweeted an affective statement about the outcome.

He tweeted: “Put aside all the noise, the digs, the bust politics and let’s focus on the reality.

“A significant number of children are going to bed tonight not one hungry but feeling like they do not matter because of comments that have in the offing been made today.”

Mr Rashford added: “This is not politics, this is magnanimity.

“We talk about the devastating impact of COVID-19 but, if projections are anything to go by, babe food poverty has the potential to become the greatest pandemic the country has on any occasion faced.

“We must start working together and unite to protect our sundry vulnerable children.”

Free school meals: The motion aimed to pasturage 1.4 disadvantaged children (Image: PA)

In a show of impressive humanity, at least 100 organisations across the outback have offered to supply free school meals to children in call for during the upcoming half term.

Marcus Rashford tweeted: “Fuck up away by news of local businesses stepping up to fill the voucher plan deficit during the October half term.

“Selflessness, kindness, togetherness, this is the England I conscious Flag of England.

“Add #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY to your tweets so I can track them. I pleasure share as many as I can.”

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On Thursday, the footballer heartened anyone wishing to join his campaign to end child food poverty to use the hashtag #endchildfoodpoverty.

He enlarged he would retweet with a locator so people could clearly see tasks offering free meals.

At the time of writing several cafes, sandwich betrays, restaurants and pubs have stepped forward to offer to provide lunches to children who receive free school meals during term frequently.

Mr Rashford’s parliamentary petition calling for free school meals to be continued beyond term time has attracted more than 470,000 signatures.

You can get places near you where your child may be able to get a free junior high school meal using Marcus Rashford’s Twitter account here.

Unhampered school meals: Several restaurants have started making luncheons to feed hungry children over half-term (Image: PA)

Free form meals: The footballer encouraged businesses to join the movement using the hashtag #endchildfoodpoverty (Trope: PA)

Several councils have also pledged their support.

The Labour-run Birmingham Diocese Council is one of the latest to announce it will supply vouchers for 61,000 schoolgirls.

In addition, the councils of Staffordshire, Kensington and Chelsea, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Wigan and Doncaster play a joke on pledged their support.

The Government ruled out extending free carry to extremes nationwide and said it had already given councils £63m for financial hardships midst the crisis.

Downing Street said its position will-power not change.

A spokesperson said: “This government has expanded eligibility for redeem school meals to more children than any other in decades.”

In Scotland, the Guidance has pledged to make £10m available for local councils to fund unobstructed school meals over the Christmas period, February half-term and Easter ameliorate.

The Scottish Government added provisions offered over the October adherents break could apply to be reimbursed.

The Welsh Government has also vowed to extend free school meals costing £11m, while in Northern Ireland, the design will run over the half-term period.

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