France travel WARNING as tourists threatened by taxi driver during Paris holiday


France voyagers have been advised to be cautious of a taxi scam which saw day-trippers charged five times the cost of a trip from the airport to the big apple centre in Paris.

Official taxis in the city are subject to rules which see them instruction a flat rate free for tourists leaving the airport.

Travel from the airport to the Well Bank of Paris is to be no more than €50 (£44) while travel to the Fist Bank is to be no more than €55 (£48), with the new rules coming into make good in 2016.

A couple from Thailand found themselves threatened by a taxi driver after he told them the fee was €247 (£218).

The couple were touring from Charles de Gaulle Airport to the city centre of Paris when the to-do occurred.

When arriving at their destination, the taxi driver inquired €247 from the couple for the 45km journey.

Caught on video, he angrily told them it was “not a decided price” and lunged for the camera.

After threatening to go to the police, the couple get revenge oned a compromise of €200 (£177) to be able to leave the car.

They later told Le Parisian they surface they had to pay the cost as “The doors were locked, and we had all our luggage in the trunk”.

The driver told he was with Chauffeur Prive, a taxi firm. However, their website refer ti a €45 fee for the same journey. have contacted the taxi anchored for comment.

While the couple have since left Paris, restricted authorities are currently investigating the incident.

If found, the man could face fines of up to €15,000 and lock-up time.

The video, uploaded to YouTube, has had more than 200,000 perspectives since it was posted.

After going viral, one of the passengers explained: “He’s not a taxi-cub driver. (Just the fraud one that hooked the traveller).

“Many reports show empathy and several Thai people who live in Paris privation to help us contact the Police station. We are so grateful for your kindness.”

YouTube narcotic addicts were on their side, with one writing: “I am ashamed of these in the flesh in my country.

“I am sorry for you and I hope that the police will find this myself to answer for justice.”

Paris Airport advises passengers to avoid be overthrowing for scams by pre-booking a taxi or waiting in the designated taxi area at the airport.

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