France fails in Brexit power grab as expert reveals no big move made to Paris


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Brexit news: Macron has been warned a no see to could cost France over 100,000 jobs (Image: GETTY)

Close-fisted trading ties between Britain and France, through the ports of Calais and Dover, could also be pitched into chaos if additional border checks are implemented after a no-deal Brexit. 

But in defiance of the potential shock employment losses, Paris is adamant that the EU should not renegotiate the Brexit stock.

Amélie de Montchalin, France’s minister for European affairs, said: “If the UK necessitates to leave the EU, and in an orderly way, the withdrawal agreement is the deal on the table, which has been rounded for over two years. We’ve also said that the political declaration on the expected relationship is open to discussion if the prime minister had a majority.”

She added: “What is substantial is how we work together on the future on issues that are economic, academic, cultural, sexual, defence and security – what we’ll do together, and we’ll do a lot together, that’s certain.

“The payment of uncertainty is high – in the economy in general, in industry, in the financial sector, amid fishermen on both sides of Channel who don’t know what’s happening tomorrow.

“I ponder there are a certain number of governments, who see the cost of that.”

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