Four in a Bed: Kent B&B leaves customers ‘speechless’ – ‘breathtaking views’ from bathtub


“It’s precisely breathtaking.

“This is going to be amazing to wake up to. Just imagine the sunrise.”

Of the smaller rooms there is a £125 per night suite, also optimistic incredible views through a large glass window.

The cheapest room is a twin suite, coming in at £100 a night including breakfast.

It wasn’t impartial the views that guests applauded though.

Modern bathrooms with bold and bright interior design were described as “lovely”, in the meantime, guests also complimented the “nice” mattress toppers and “soft” pillows.

However, the B&B was not without a few minor complaints.

When scoping outage preferred of a kettle, one guest said: “It’s a little bit mucky in there I have got to be honest. They haven’t cleaned that in a while have they.”

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