Formidable Farage and Boris against who?’ Neil mocks Blair for ‘leaderless’ Remainers


Newspaperwoman Andrew Neil mocked former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, on his BBC grant over the leaderless Remain campaign. The two were discussing the likelihood and logistics of a alternative referendum playing out. When questioned over which politician devise lead a second Remain campaign, the former Labour leader failed to call to mind one.

Mr Neil pointed out that if there was a general nomination, “Mr Farage’s Brexit Party and Mr Johnson’s Tory party would contest separately”.

However, in a second referendum situation, they would “be on the exact same side”.

The BBC presenter said: “The two most formidable, high profile monikers in British politics will be on the same side arguing pretty much for no apportion.

“Who will lead the Remain campaign?”

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Andrew Neil mocks Tony Blair onto Remain campaign (Image: BBC)

Neil asks who would lead Crumbs in referendum (Image: BBC)

Mr Blair answered: “I don’t know, that’s going to would rather to be decided.”

Mr Neil said: “You would have no one to match either of them hand down you?”

The former Labour MP said: “Well I don’t know, we’ll have to see.

“I’m not going to start chucking out high regards now.”

Blair says he doesn’t know who would lead campaign (Perception: BBC)

Mr Neil pressed on, pointing out that it would be a “big gamble” for the Remain side to arrange a second referendum.

He said: “First of all, we don’t know how you’d get to a referendum.

“And if you do, you don’t know who’s prospering to lead your side.”

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Blair thinks it will be a joint command (Image: BBC)

Mr Blair said: “Who leads a referendum campaign? There are chief people on all the political parties who are opposed to a no deal Brexit.

“I think that superintendence will emerge and it may be that it is a more collective leadership, and perhaps it should be.

“I don’t have in mind there’s any harm in that.”

When asked how confident he was of Remain enchanting a second referendum, the ex-Prime Minister said: “I believe we’d win, but I agree it’s a jolly open question.

“It is a big gamble but Brexit’s a big gamble.”

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