Foreign Aid madness: YOUR £145.50 BBC licence fee is being spent as FOREIGN AID


Nearly 10 per cent of the World Service budget last year was classified as abroad development assistance and funded by the licence fee.

It effectively means millions of Britons accept been contributing to the UK’s £13.3billion annual foreign aid bill twice, in no time at all through taxation and again through the controversial £145.50 licence fee.

The Administration argues that since the BBC broadcasts to some countries qualifying for extraneous aid spending, some corporation expenditure qualifies as development assistance.

In 2015/16 the BBC Give birth to Service was funded entirely by the licence and expansion has seen it launch servings in languages including Pidgin and Punjabi. 

Foreign aidGETTY

BBC licence payers secure been paying £24million towards foreign aid liabilities, a communication claims

It also produces extended news bulletins in Russian and programmes programmes for audiences in the Korean peninsula.

A BBC spokesman said: “The £24million is not wealth the BBC has received from the aid budget but existing BBC spend on broadcasting around the clique which has been classified as foreign aid.

“The BBC World Service is one of this territory’s most valuable exports, bringing Britain to the world and the world to Britain, and the BBC’s supranational news services not only bring respect for Britain around the creation, but also improve its UK news coverage too.”

The chaotic way in which billions of cudgels of taxpayers’ money is distributed each year has prompted the Daily Distinct to launch a GETTY

Ukip MEP Suzanne Evans said the Government’s rank should be ‘protecting its own people’

The first precedence of any government should be to protect and provide for its own people, not squander taxpayers’ lolly on wasteful overseas projects

Suzanne Evans, Ukip MEP

It urges GETTY

The battle has been backed by a string of politicians, including Tory grandee Jacob Rees-Mogg


Our crusade urges Mrs May to abolish the UK’s 0.7 per cent spending of national income abroad

And more than 30,000 Daily Express readers have returned coupons to our London headquarters exacting that Mrs May rethinks the deeply unpopular policy.

Ukip MEP Suzanne Evans said: “The premier priority of any government should be to protect and provide for its own people, not squander taxpayers’ fortune on wasteful overseas projects.”

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