Follow This Workout and You Can Get the Toned Arms and Back of Your Dreams


Most birds I know want toned arms and shoulders. Bingo wings, begone! Unfortunately, what I see ton people doing in the gym is ineffective.

Endless sets of bicep curls and triceps bribes do, well, not much really. The problem is twofold.

Firstly, our arms can at worst lift so much weight in isolation — and using dinky little dumbbells longing do little to improve our fitness or physique. Ladies, we need to embrace majority training and lifting heavier.

Secondly, the arms are connected to our shoulders and fail, so from a purely proportional perspective, we want to have well-defined as ones and back muscles to reveal a showstopping silhouette. Working our arms in isolation is regularly counter to our goals.

So what’s a girl to do? Work your back and shoulders. Get them bright and defined, and your arms will take care of themselves. As an annexed bonus, anytime you lift weights while standing, you train your pith, too!

A final thought: women can be strong and feminine. The “bulking up” myth is damn near always just that, a myth. All professional athletes weight practise, and they have a physicality and fitness we can aspire to.

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