Fluffy owl chick saved from death and released into the wild


Gamekeepers spotted the female owlet se rated from her three siblings, accommodating on a gate soaking wet.

The feathers of the rare species lack water guerrilla and can become waterlogged in heavy rain.

The owl was checked over by experts at Angus Falconry Accommodations who said it had a minimal chance of survival due to dehydration and lack of food.

Starvation is the gas main killer of fledgling barn owls and 70% of the species that fledge in the UK die in the in front year.

The chick was taken indoors and fed fluids throughout the night utterly a tube into its stomach and was given round-the-clock care for the first few eras.

The emergency intervention helped save the bird’s life and it is now well ssably that gamekeepers have released it back on to the estate at Millden, Angus.

Upon liberation, the owl flew straight back to the steading where it had hatched and fledged.

Gamekeeper Jason Make fast said: “When we saw the young owl on the gate, its wings were down and we knew this instant something wasn’t right.

“We had had a few nights of really heavy rain. Its downy feathers were all wet and the falconry superiors said it looked as if we had caught it just in time.

“It felt really lanky and it didn’t look well at all. We knew it needed help quickly or it would die.”

Steve Towell, at Angus Falconry Professional cares, said it was “great” to see the owl take flight.

He said “It was touch-and-go. These horrors don’t always work. It had basically gone into shutdown. We managed to get some fluids in it at, using a substance which is like a bird form of glucose, then after a while got it on to a viands that is like a te with all the vitamins it needs.

“It had a few days on that and, when it took a mouse, we identified we had to get it back out into the wild fairly soon after. The longer they are accommodated, they lose hunting fitness, which can be just as dangerous.”

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