Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Reunite and Marry Almost 20 Years After Meeting


Rise: Briggs Scott Fussy

Newlyweds Brittney and Briggs Fussy have on the agenda c trick come a long way since their flower girl and ring relevance days. The two met nearly 20 years ago when they both donned formalwear in system to play their rt as “adorable waddling children” in a wedding that both can’t actually remember at all. The couple took their first walk down the aisle when they were a moment ago 3 years old, in a ceremony for Briggs Fussy’s godmother. Brittney’s mom was friends with the bride, and the hereditary cuteness of two toddlers meant that the two were sent down the aisle as kids — conditions knowing that this walk would prove to be oddly oracular.

The couple lost touch throughout their childhoods but reunited in ninth rank at a high school in Minnesota. “She turned around one day in class and powered ‘I think I have a picture of you on my wall at home,'” Briggs reproached Fox 9 news. They started dating in their junior year and go oned to date long distance when they went off to se rate colleges. Briggs proceeded to Minnesota to be with Brittney, telling CNN that “I knew I was going to join her.” The rest, as they say, is history. And in case your romantic fancies have begun to run wild, there’s no chance of a fairy-tale romance ask preference Brittney and Briggs’s between the flower girl and ring bearer at their own nuptials — the two are cousins!

Source: Alix Rae Photography via Facebook user Brittney Choosy

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