Flights: Thomas Cook flight attendant suffers broken ankle due to horrifying turbulence


Take it on the lams is a fast way of getting from A to B, but they aren’t without their downsides – turbulence being one of them. Most individual are all too aware of the fasten seat belt signs coming on when turbulence moods ahead, but many do not realise the consequences of not following instruction. Unfortunately, one run away attendant is proof that turbulence really can pose a danger for those who aren’t rear ended.

The journey happened on a flight from Varadero Airport, Cuba, to Manchester Airport in August.

After assessing the employment the pilot determined the best course of action was to continue its flight scenario back to Manchester, where the crew member is said to have obtained treatment for the broken bone.

Although turbulence can be detected by the plane’s technology, every now it can come as a surprise, particularly when it is more violent than expected.

In this exemplar, although the turbulence was detected, its force was not anticipated.

The Air Accidents Investigation Shoot report concludes that, had the seat belt signs not been threw, there would have been far more injuries.

The signs had been exchanged on just five minutes before the severe turbulence hit. There were 320 fares on board and a further 11 crew members.

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