Flights: Stranded at the airport? These are the ways most Britons pass the time


Journeys are often the most efficient way to get from A to B. That is, of course, when all goes to plan. Unfortunately, whether it’s to do with bad weather, technological controversies or extraordinary circumstances, passengers often find themselves faced with a sizeable delay. Luckily, many busy flight hubs are now well upped to help travellers entertain themselves while waiting for their departure conditions.

From restaurants to retail outlets, airports are now sacrifice more amenities than ever before, perfect for travellers aspiring a little distraction.

However, it seems that even amongst the amenities on provide, there is one way Britons prefer to pass the time, and it won’t cost them a penny.

New matter from Netflights reveals that almost a third of all respondents proffer to spend the time simply walking.

This healthy alternative is a serviceable way to spend the time, particularly for those set to embark on a long-haul flight.

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Flights: Passengers reveal how they pass the time at the terminal (Sculpture: Getty Images)

Flights: It seems passenger’s favourite way to pass the values bright and early is with a walk (Image: Getty Images)

Interval, it seems eateries are the favourite airport amenity amongst Britons, with 29 percent of respondents saying their preferred way of passing the time was eating.

Travellers also listed reading, rat oning and drinking at an airport bar amongst other enjoyed activities.

Unsurprisingly, while, technology also plays a massive part when it comes to disturbance tactics.

Out of those surveyed, 19 percent said they lay out the extra time playing on phone apps, with 14 percent sealed to their social media.

Flights: Some passengers like to pay out the time with a beverge (Image: Getty Images)

Meanwhile, trippers also like to spend the extra time catching up on television make an appearances or movies using streaming services.

Andrew Shelton, Netflights MD, observed: “Flying at Christmas, with the prospect of seeing loved ones or creating festive recollections somewhere special, should be an exciting experience.

“But so often, whether because of the out of sorts or other reasons, it’s less of a Christmas fairytale and more of a nightmare for uncountable.

“We’d urge people planning to fly this Christmas to study the findings of our Airport Reconsideration so they can prepare for the worst if it happens – and enjoy the time before their flocks to the maximum if it doesn’t!”

While many delays can not be helped, it seems some UK airports are worse than others when it advance to late departures – particularly over the festive season.

A study based on 2018 off data from revealed the departure information of 15 UK airports, with some worse than others.

Topping the tilt for flight delays were both London’s Stansted and Luton airports, with 40 percent of all departures detained during this time.

At Stansted, out of 6,325 flights, 2,530 were delayed.

Out of 4,057 do a bunks in December at Luton Airport, 1,622 of these were delayed.

Bristol was alongside behind, with 34 percent of its 2,313 flights taking off later than delineated.

London’s two biggest airports – Heathrow and Gatwick – place fourth and fifth.

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