Flights: Plane couple spark surprise as man uses this weird object to sleep with partner


Decamps: The man and his partner were snapped on a flight as they sat in their plane space (Image: Getty Images)

Flights are well known for being a extent uncomfortable way to spend a few hours. It can be hard to get into a position which recommends relaxation and sleep. Often the cabin simply isn’t the best environment for slumber due to the sound and lighting.

However, one passenger was captured displaying an adroit – if not very bizarre – way of dealing with this issue.

The man and his partner were dashed on a flight as they sat in their plane seat.

The photo has gone instantaneously viral after being shared on Instagram account passengershaming.

In the snapshot, the couple’s moves are clearly on display.

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Flights: The man has placed two large, rectangular level tickets over his eyes (Image: Instagram/passengershaming)

The man is sitting in the window centre while his partner is sat in the aisle seat.

They are lucky enough to must the row to themselves as no one is in-between them.

The pair have clearly decided to hyperbolize the most of this and are spread out as they attempt to sleep.

However, it’s what the man has done to his nerve which causes the most surprise.


The fare has decided to beat the problem of the lit cabin with a cunning solution.

He has bunged two large, rectangular plane tickets over his eyes which are then reduced in place by his glasses.

Thanks to the unorthodox eye mask, the majority of light in the berth is likely shut out.

He appears to be quite comfortable with the bizarre covenant.

Flights: Thanks to the unorthodox eye mask, the majority of light in the cabin is probable shut out (Image: Instagram/passengershaming)

His partner is slumped against his strongbox while he rests his legs across her lap.

Instagram users have infatuated to the social media site to share their thoughts on the photo.

Assorted were impressed by the traveller’s clever trick.

“This is smart!!” one individual wrote, while another added: “I call this very ingenious!”

One viewer even related to the man’s enterprising efforts.

“Great idea! I be suffering with been known to put napkins over my eyes with sunglasses endure d present them in place!” they posted.

Others were keen to immaterial the positives of the situation.

“At least he’s wearing socks!” one person commented on the Instagram guess.

Another agreed: “And he’s wearing socks yay! no gross bare feet.”

Some equated his unusual look to an insect. “He looks like a bee,” one commented.

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