Flights: Passengers face new ‘mandatory’ rules for air travel as airlines tighten measures


In defiance of differing opinions on the benefits of face masks, the controversial face protecting could become “mandatory” for airline passengers in the post-lockdown future. Some dominating airlines are requiring that passengers wear the masks on flights now to labourers halt the spread of the virus on planes. While other airlines are booming to make mask-wearing mandatory once operations restart in the future.

Other airlines ordering passengers to wear face masks to prevent the spread of the virus embody American carriers Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Front line Airlines.

However, some airlines are not asking passengers to wear bite on the bullet masks.

Australian airline Qantas said that there “are no wants in Australia to wear masks.”

They said: “No decisions have been pushy by the Government or airlines about what measures will be put in place for go once restrictions are lifted.”

The airline’s website said that group distancing had been put in place.

It read: “While the risk of contracting coronavirus on board an aircraft is rated as low, social distancing has been put in place across all flights.”

However, Unrestricted Health England (PHE) is currently not advising members of the public to wear acknowledge masks.

Head of Emerging Infections and Zoonoses at PHE Dr Jake Dunning imagined: “Face masks play a very important role in clinical homes, such as hospitals, and for people with symptoms.

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