Flights: Jet2, easyJet, Ryanair, BA & TUI updates as holidays resume


As worldwide travel makes its gradual return what are the latest updates from big-name airlines in the UK such as Jet2, easyJet, Ryanair, British Airways (BA) and TUI?


Jet2 has justified its decision to hold off on resuming flights and holidays until June 24.

In an update on its website, the Leeds-based carrier explained: “We’re really looking forward to restarting our furloughs and flights programme again from June 24 2021.

“We’re taking the time to get everything ready at our airports, onboard our planes and in our resorts to give you the safest and smoothest feast experience possible.”

The airline has recently developed its own “traffic light policy” for flight-only bookings in line with Government guidelines.

“The UK Government has endorsed that international travel is now legal,” Jet2 states.

“However, there are some conditions in place for people returning from different destinations, advised of as the Traffic Light system.  

“The UK Government has committed to reviewing its Traffic Light ‘status’ of overseas destinations every three weeks.

“We’ll review our plan and policies in line with that timetable. Our last review date was May 13 2021. 

“We expect to review again on or around June 1 2021 and every three weeks after that.

“As the UK Authority has previously decided not to give us advance notice of any changes to the entry requirements from different countries, please bear with us as we need to perceive time to consider any changes to our programme and policies.”

Customers are advised to check the travel and entry requirements for their destination at least 14 days in front travelling.

Green list destination holidays will go ahead as planned.

For amber list destinations, Jet2 states: “We’ll review the status of destinations on the amber listing following the next UK Government review which we expect to be on or around June 1, 2021.

“However, if your flight is due to depart on or before July 18 2021, if you hunger for to, you can amend your flight admin-fee-free.” 

For countries on the red list, holidays will not go ahead.

“If your destination is on the red list at the next Government update we’ll entertain you to cancel your flight free of charge if it is due to depart up to and including July 18 2021, and we will of course keep the situation under close study.”

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