Flights: Families could be losing hundreds on holiday booking for this simple reason


As a country Britons love holidaying, with the latest figures from ABTA revealing that sundry than six in 10 took a holiday abroad in 2019. Furthermore, as a realm, we spend around £45 billion a year on overseas travel. To whatever manner, families could be spending more than necessary. As part of Narrows 4s SuperShoppers, money-saving expert Sabrina Grant revealed a simple put something over on someone that could save hundreds of pounds.

The show aired on Path 4 on Tuesday and saw Sabrina show one family how they could make rugged savings by changing the way they book their holidays.

It turns out that oft families are charged more when booking a holiday just because they are doing so as a society.

In fact, Sabrina was also able to reveal that on many airline websites, post as individuals can save a sizeable chunk of money.

Sabrina was helping a ancestors of four book their next European getaway to Majorca.

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The family were extremely shocked by this idea, with Elise explaining: “When I’m thinking of going on holiday with my financiers I always think that if there’s more of us it will be cheaper, so when I build out that if you do book as a group that it’s actually more expensive, that genuinely shocked me.”

However, expert Sabrina explained that this frugal isn’t across the board for all airlines, and some keep their price undisturbed regardless of party size.

She said: “It’s worth checking both progress of booking to get the best deal as we couldn’t find savings on every partridge we checked, but when it did work the price difference was significant.”

For travellers looking for the sundry cost-effective way to fly, it turns out when you book can also help you make some big savings.

Text from Opodo revealed that January is the best month of the year to laws a trip.

Although many people are left feeling blue after the festive mature has drawn to a close, planning a holiday at the beginning of the year could be the out-and-out way to put a smile on your face.

Data reveals that the average bevy of quail price is £241 for trips leaving from the UK in January, compared with the customary price of £288 in peak month July.

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